Homegrown :: Kay Tek

Dubai is bursting at the seams with local talent, some terrific, some down right terrible. Each week (hopefully, if we’re not too partied out) OHM will profile one of the more terrific resident regulars round town for a little something we like to call ‘Homegrown’. First up Kay Tek.

Where are you from?
A small country in the Middle East called Lebanon

Why Dubai?
Why not? Good people, good opportunities… good vibe

Why are you a DJ?
Cause I love it – besides I suck at cooking

Track you always drop to make the crowd go nuts?
Right now I’m hooked on Domino (Oxia)

Who’s the worst DJ in Dubai Party?
Wouldn’t know, I don’t listen to them

And the best?
There are lots of great new talent in this country

CDJ, Traktor or Vinyl?

DJ Disaster?
Electricity cut-off three times at one of my gigs – very embarrassing. Thought of singing, but didn’t want people to panic…

Dream gig?
Ushuaia Ibiza – Never say never

Your sound?
Mostly Deep House/ Nu Disco/ Tech House

Want to hear more? Take a listen to his most recent set ‘live from Blue Marlin’ here: LISTEN

Want to see more? Kay Tek plays iLL Communications Friday 11th of May.

2 Responses to “Homegrown :: Kay Tek”
  1. Mark says:

    it’s me behind u KaY haha!

  2. Mark says:

    look who’s behind u haha!

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