Homegrown :: Rod Lee Winters

Where are you from?
Sydney, Australia

Why Dubai?
Originally for a job, staying because I have become infected with the belief that there is a quality alternative music and arts scene here that has some incredible potential which I aim to be a part of.

Why are you a DJ?
Two words; House. Music.

Track you always drop to make the crowd go nuts?
Lately its been Good Life by Inner City but it depends on the set and crowd. Proven winners probably Booka Shade vs MANDY – Body Language or Vibe Dealers – Vibe De Lane.

Who’s the worst DJ in Dubai?
DJ Habibi 2000

And the best?
DJ Habibi 2000

CDJ, Traktor or Vinyl?
Traktor and CDJ

DJ Disaster?
Denon CD players with an American Audio mixer and no monitors in a booth that has no view of the dancefloor with the DJ before smashing out Gabba remixes of Abba.

Dream gig?
Panorama Bar

Your sound?
Warm quality house music sometimes with tech and techno flavours, but always deep.

Rod plays iLL Comms warm up for Anthony Collins May 18th at the Electric Studio, Trilogy. You can check out his sounds here: LISTEN

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