Dirt Crew For Calabar

Dirt Crew aka James Flavour and Break 3000 -yes Break 3000, coolest DJ name ever- are Berlins trendy vinyl loving, 80’s chunky beat breaking, deep house diving DJ duo and production team heading to Calabar this week. Playing across the weekend at the downtown venue James Flavour alongside Dubai’s JC Pinto will be out on the terrace making the most of the alfresco weather and sexy city views.

In the 7 years since the Dirt Crew’s inception they have mastered the art of mixing old school house, new school deep house and minimal funky techno … and then some! Along the way they’ve succeeded in unleashing a flurry of floor stompers that have got people preaching the good news in every town they touch down in.

Mix that up with Calabar’s naughty cocktails, killer atmosphere and you have a perfect Wednesday, Thursday or Friday night out, or all if you fancy. No judgment here!

Event Details

Dirt Crew. JC Pinto
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8pm onwards
Free Entry

Check out their sound here: http://soundcloud.com/dirt-crew

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