OHM Goes Shopping: The Zoo

We recently did a fly-buy shopping trip to Jumeira Beach Roads concept store The Zoo, based opposite Dubai Zoo (obviously) the store is boasts a graff’d up front from Dubai based sketchers Steffi Bow & Sya One.

It’s been a while since we’d checked in and checked out the latest merchandise.  New tee’s from a range of Middle Eastern designers were inspired, the gadget and fun range has increased and there were some fantastic artworks for purchase. Next door at Bambah the Vintage ladies boutique, we’d got up close and personal with the newly launched  ‘Vintage reconstructed’ line,  made up of Italian Army issue jackets with added leather cuffs and jackets studded with gold spikes the range is kick ass and punky.

Drop by and pick us up a present!



One Response to “OHM Goes Shopping: The Zoo”
  1. Tony Roma says:

    Sounds like a cool place, but there is nothing kick as and punky about Dubai Zoo. I can hope that the Zoo store are true rebels and embody the spirt of graf and DIY punk rock and expose or try and do something, anything at all to expose how badly the animals are maintained in the Zoo instead of turning a blind eye and capitalizing on the name by location.

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