Homegrown :: Sam Farsio

We catch up with Sam Farsio for homegrown our no and again interview with Duabi’s local music talent. Sam plays Trilogy Club Dubai studio this Friday alongside Mark Castley. Check him out on soundcloud.

Where are you from?

I am Iranian been living in Dubai for more than a decade now.

Why are you a DJ and why Dubai? Tell us a bit about you and your sound…

I love music and I love playing it and sharing with others who love it as well. I play from deep to tech house and techno it all depends where I play and when I play.

 How did you start DJing, vinyl, CD’s or software? Do you think those without vinyl foundations are true to the craft? Do you think the artistry of DJing has been lost?

I started around 12 years ago when I got myself a Denon dn 2500 then moved to CDJ 100, I bought 2 beautiful Techniques SL 1210MK2. I think the damn ‘SYNC’ button took away the artistry of DJing, as every DJ needs to know the basics of mixing whether they played on CDs or Vinyl.

Do you think DJ’s also need to be promoters these days or is that still solely the job of the promoter. Without local agents how do you promote yourself to venues and promoters/ bookers?

As a DJ you have to prompt yourself and get people to know you and your sound, when you do that in the right way you get followers but I really don’t think a DJ has to do the promoters job. The promoter’s job as it says in the title is to promote events and clubs as well as the DJs they book.

What does Dubai have that other party capitals lack? Is their room for everyone here to stake claim and have a following/crowd?

Dubai has some crazy venues that you barely see anywhere in the world and some fantastic parties with great local and international DJs. The lack of quality music lovers in Dubai is missing though.

Do you produce? If so tell us about your studio set up? What is your take on software production as compared to hardware and modular synths?

Yes I have been producing over 4 years now and I use Ableton with loads of plug-ins and VSTs, a Motu 828 mk3 sound card, krk vxt6 with a few small synthesizers. The sound you get from analog sound hardware is always much more fat and real compared to the software.

Do you think producers make good DJ’s and vice versa, or is it purely a new promotional tool to get DJ’s on the decks?

Not really as there are so many great producers who’s DJing is awful and there are so many fantastic DJs that don’t produce at all.

What’s the best gig you play? 

It’s hard to say as I enjoy most of my gigs, but when I play at iLL communications and Audio Tonic, they are by far the best events

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