More BASS please!

As you know iLL Communications is an all encompassing night honoring the best DJ’s across the genres of music we love and you love, from Dubstep to House and DnB to RnB we’ve got a big fat dollop of it all!

We’ve had two quite storming events since season 4 launch and we ‘aint’ stopping now. To continue with our iLL Comms mantra we’ve brought you not one but two of the UK’s blistering DnB acts, native Mancunian Marcus Intalex and the award winning SP:MC. 

Both as an artist and a DJ, Marcus Intalex represents the forefront of soulful musical drum & bass. Heading up the legendary Soul:r label Marcus’s DJ sets have earned him a reputation as a tastemaker, not afraid to test crowds with a fresh high quality selection from across the spectrum of drum & bass, while SP:MC, the perfectly crafted club voice whose been making waves for over a decade now, SP:MC has established himself as one of the busiest & most innovative MCs on the circuit.

honoring the policy of fresh music in the region its with great pleasure to welcome these two to the terrace at N’dulge this Thursday December 6th. The boys will be supported on the night by long running Dubai DnB DJ Mach4 and bouncing ball of energy that is Somalie with further support on the mic from MC Prit. You can find all the details you need here.

In the main room on the night there’s more urban and RnB sounds from our award winning resident Dany Neville, he’s got Emtee and Crown Prince with him dropping those old-skool-classics that you just cant sit down too.

Life’s too short for boring, see you on the dance floor!

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