The Interview :: Pierre Ravan


Ahead of the Dubai launch of his seventh Album ‘L.O.V.E’ Dubai based Pierre Ravan took time out of his crazy schedule to chat with us about his upcoming projects, what he thinks about Dubai and the true meaning of Love…

Share with us the process of creating this project, the album is named LOVE tell us about that musical journey?

I believe that the only driving force that can save our world now is LOVE. In the religion of LOVE there are no believers or unbelievers. LOVE embraces all. It is LOVE that holds everything together. LOVE is the vital core of the Soul and of all you see, only LOVE is infinite. As you know  KaRavan is my personal concept based on music for all hours of the day.
L.O.V.E is my 7th Edition on this KaRavan journey, which is based on a Spiritual Journey through Music from a soulful & deeper sound extending to a darker & progressive mood, all in one a single journey linking the beginning with the end. KaRavan is a gathering of Lovers of which music is the voice of LOVE.  Like KaRavan LOVE rests on no foundation, it is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end.

You have been based in Dubai for several years how have you seen the local music industry change and peoples music taste?

When I played for the 1st time 14 years ago for the opening of a new club House music was very much unknown to this place but I felt people were very open and felt the vibe. The local music industry was growing and very few people were promoters and they had some nights without interfering with other promoters and the feeling of UNITY was amongst them. Music taste was developing and people started to appreciate the quality house music sound and I played a very important role to try to introduce the true house music without compromise.

With all the places you have travelled too and played in why Dubai, do you feel a spiritual connection here?

I feel this place has a magic and still virgin and I can definitely feel and see the spiritual side of it which lots of people don’t and think that Dubai has.  Its all about money, shopping malls and hotels, but, if you dive deep you can see that there are people and places that the spiritual work though music can be done and the craving for such direction.282478_345322818898218_891892096_n

Talking of travel where else would you call your spiritual home and a great place to DJ?

Estonia, Czech republic and India.

Do you have any other interesting projects coming up?

I’m working on my new single to be remixed by Deep House legend Rocco and will collaborate with Pacha Recordings  for Pacha Beach Club Dubai compilation album and my special sunset journey project for Café Del Mar

Most importantly where can we buy a copy of the album?

Virgin Megastores worldwide.

The official launch Party for KaRavan Love takes place at Amika, The H Hotel, Saturday 29th December. Event details

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