The Funny :: Ewan Pearson

Ewan has been a fixture in the dance music world for ages. His remix credits include Moby, The Chemical Brothers, Freeform Five and Depeche Mode. He has produced albums for Tracy Thorn, The Rapture and most recently Footprintz.

Not to mention most of his weekends are still spent playing records in clubs all around the world. We could have chatted about all of that but, instead, we sent him these questions. Here’s what he had to say…

What household appliance would you be and why? We’d be a fridge so we could fill ourselves full of booze.

I’m a little bit OCD so I’d be my Dyson vacuum cleaner.  Everywhere I went would automatically be clean. Great!

Whats your porn name?

Harrison Honeybrook

Three pet hates?

I’m not a fan of juggling. Or any street theatre to be honest.  I don’t like marzipan.

Snog, marry or throw off a cliff: David Guetta, Deadmau5 and Tiesto?

I have nothing but love for all of them!

Best prank someone has ever pulled on you?

Michael Mayer from Kompakt did try to convince me once at dinner that Tiesto was making a record with Grizzly Bear and wanted me to remix it. I saw through it though…

Do you have any funny pre-show rituals?

Not really – I usually go a bit quiet.  I’m starting to think about having to play so I’m an awful conversationalist beforehand. Afterwards, I’m fine!


Ewan plays iLL Communications Jan 17th at N’dulge Club Atlantis The Palm.

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