Retreats, Beats and Eats

When you party as much as we do it’s important to take time to heal the liver, but what about the soul…

19220_412710198808891_1168774296_nKundalini Yoga, meditation, drumming, fire dancing and more, all in a beautiful eco camp in the desert… Where do we sign? The Evolve Jam is a very special event taking place on Friday 25th January at the Beduoin Oasis. This secluded sandy spot is just next door to the Banyan Tree Al Wadi resort and only a quick, skip, hop or 45 minute drive from the city.

Created to blend together ‘Sound, Silence, Stillness and Movement’ this overnight experience incorporates a variety of activities including sunset yoga, healing through art workshops, creative writing and moonlight meditation.  Put together by Dubai based event company Evolve, founder and creator Naghmeh Manshadi has brought together a unique set of yogi’s, healers and artists for this inaugural event. Expected to continue on a bi-monthly basis Naghmeh encourages others with skills they’d like to share to get in touch.

IMG_7952The tickets cost less than a night in a mediocre hotel and include food and activities plus your accommodation in one of the onsite luxury tents. In such a fast paced and overwhelming city we really can’t think of a better way to spend our weekend and kick off the new year with a healthy mind, body and soul…

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