The Funny With Adam From Warped

Adam Rahman aka Warped head honcho, OHM Boss and beats beast tackles our stupid questions portion of the blog…

Whats your porn name?

Teddy Wellington, name of my first pet i ever had and the road i lived on growing up.

Three pet hates?
1) Modesh, 2) dr phill 3) Oprah. No particular order.

Snog, marry or throw off a cliff: David Guetta, Deadmau5 and Tiesto?
You should include DIE in your options

Best prank someone has ever pulled on you?
My cousin hacked my 1st email account and started emailing me from my own account, tormenting me for a week.

Do you have any funny pre-show rituals?
Ya, once she takes out the cuffs I ……. And so i can concentrate on the job at hand.

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