DJ Sueside Interview

In collab’s with Dubai’s Music Room we’re celebrating 20 years of Hip Hop & Wu Tang Clan. DJ Sueside the Wu’s one and only official DJ will be on hand all night with the slickest hip hop rhymes from the past 2 decades. Supported on the night by Eslam Jawaad,  Toofless, Somalie and Break DJ Lobito. Sueside began his turntabalism career back in ’86 and developed his passion for Hip Hop through DMC battles and crate digging. In 2001 Rza of the Wu-Tang Clan contracted DJ Sueside after seeing him perform at a showcase. With a career of over 25 years DJ Sueside has performed in more than 40 countries and supported Wu Tang across the continents plus appearences at MTV’s Hip Hop open.

We managed to pin the globe trotting beats master down for a chat and squeeze out some

short but enlightening answers!

We heard that you are the most toured DJ in Europe is that true?

Yes the most toured hiphop dj you only hear about dance djs going around and a hand full hip hop dj’s.  I’ve got  48 countries and 168 cities under my belt.

How did you get into the wu tang?

I was Cilvaringz DJ, and when he got signed to WU Tang, The Rza signed me t


Outside of music what’s your life plans?

Watch my kids grow and stimulate them to be the what they can and hopefully find a woman thats down for life with me!

We heard that the clan have a new album being produced by Cilvaringz, will that be coming out soon?

That’s all top secret, don’t know where you’re getting that information, but there’s something big cooking yes and the whole Clan is involved.  It’s a project spearheaded by Cilvaringz and his partner Eslam Jawaad, who will also be performing on the night.

Other than wu tang, who do you rate highly from the “golden era”?

Masta Ace, Black Moon, Tribe Called Quest, Common, Shobiz & ag, Biggie, Naughty By Nature, Das efx and manny more… pfffftt too much to name. Expect to hear some big classics on the night. Period.

For all the event details visit out FB page 

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