What is Left of Paper in the Art World


In today’s world when writing can be done on a keyboard and sketches made onscreen, paper can seem like an odd survival from an earlier age. The permanence of a mark of ink on paper sheet, which can only be written on once, seems to contradict the perceived fragility of the medium. Yet the very traits that make paper seem an anachronism in comparison to other media are also its strengths: they leave it a timeless and evocative quality. Once a trace is laid on to the paper, it can hardly be erased. Paper works cannot be over-worked or worked over. They tread a careful line between forward planning and spontaneous execution.

Paper is indelibly associated with books and the dissemination of knowledge. From its origins in China more than 2000 years ago, to its westward progression through Middle East and on to medieval Europe, through industrialization, up until the internet revolution of recent decades, paper was the primary medium of record.

Alserkal Avenue’s forthcoming exhibition “Traces” brings together the works of four artists, Nadia Kaabi Linke, Marwan Sahmarani, Selma Gürbüz and Shahpour Pouyan, highlighting their work on paper and explores how the intrinsic and associative qualities of the medium affects their work.

Catch the exhibition at Alserkal avenue’s Lawrie Sabibi until 18th July to see the works of these intriguing artists. Exhibition is open from 10am – 6pm.

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