Summer Shopping Special!

“I don’t have anything to wear!!” We are all guilty of splurting out this sentence at some point in our lives while staring at a piling out cupboard. And let’s face it: we all have those sections of our wardrobe’s, which barely go untouched. Whether it’s that pair of jeans you’ve owned since you were … Continue reading

Life’s Too Short For Boring!

Welcome to our new OHM blog, here you can keep up to date on all things OHM, as well lifestyle and culture news from around our sandy city and beyond. Please feel free to email over any suggestions or recommendations. There wouldn’t be a party with out you guys Hope you like it! Peace The … Continue reading

10 Things To Do During Ramadan

That special time of year has come again and this time during the hot summer month of July. Ramadan always feels like a special time of year regardless of your faith. Many non-Muslims, especially if this is their first Ramadan, get into a fluster over what they will do during the Holy month where everything seems … Continue reading