10 Things To Do During Ramadan

That special time of year has come again and this time during the hot summer month of July. Ramadan always feels like a special time of year regardless of your faith. Many non-Muslims, especially if this is their first Ramadan, get into a fluster over what they will do during the Holy month where everything seems subdued. Even as a non-Muslim, the Holy Month of Ramadan can be a spiritual month as it is a month of giving, peace and self-reflection. There are things that you can do during this month to either join in or make the most of a less frantic pace of life.

ram_0907213 1. Iftar
It is a great idea to gather a group of friends for Iftar and book one of the many Iftar buffets across the city. See how the different nationalities break their fast and sample Arabic dishes that you have not tried before. The JW Marriott has a delicious Iftar offer in their Arabic restaurant and Ballroom which is definitely worth a visit. For more details and to make a booking, click here.

2. Charity Work
As Ramadan is a time to focus on giving to the less fortunate, look at ways that you can become involved in a local charity whether it is through donating time, money or unwanted goods. There are always lots of great charity initiatives during this time that you can take part in. For more information on how you can give during Ramadan, check what options the different local charities are offering here.

3. Learn
With most working hours being shortened now is the time to learn any new skills you have been wanting to, but never had enough time! Whether you want to perfect your skiing on the slopes or learn a new language, or even take a cooking class to learn how to make a wonderful Iftar dinner for friends. Alternatively, if you have not had the chance before, you can now take the time to learn more about the Emirati culture and history of the country by visiting the museums of the city and explore the many cultural establishments.

4. Host A Dinner 

Whether you needed the above mentioned cooking course or not, try your hand at cooking and preparing yummy Arabic good or order in a feast from one of the many great Arabic restaurants, and hold a gathering at your place for your nearest and dearest.
5. Diet
The month of Ramadan is a good time to start thinking of healthy eating, as there is a lot of focus on the breaking of the fast. Make this month a healthy one by kick-starting some good habits! Discard anything and everything that has preservatives and choose to eat clean by opting for healthy salads and grilled meats and to stop takeaways this month.

6. Exercise
You will see lots of people taking a walk just before or after Iftar. Join in! Use this month to get fit and active. Cycling is becoming very more popular in Dubai so get a bike and get pedalling – it’s great for cardio and less stress on your joints than jogging. If your building has a gym or pool, start to use them during this time and your exercise routine will have become a habit by the end of Ramadan.

7. Readramadan pic portrait small1

When was the last time you sat down and relaxed by reading a good book? Now that you have a little more time on your hands, find the bookworm within you, kick back and get reading on that book you’ve been wanting to pick up for a while!

8. Travel
If you haven’t already had the chance to visit all of the Emirates, this is a great opportunity to explore more of the region. Lots of local hotels have special rates during Ramadan and there are some great sights to be seen and roads to be travelled on the way there. Oman is a great destination to visit during this time and has the beautiful Salalah, which sees the Khareef Festival happening – it can be a lot cooler in temperatures over on that side!

9. Give Up Smoking
Since smoking in public is prohibited during the day in Ramadan, this month is a perfect opportunity for you to attempt giving up smoking. Make a plan now how you are going to do this and set a stop date. If you need help, you could try reading Alan Carr’s book, Champix tablets, Nicotinel, hypnosis, or even acupuncture.
10. Fast For A Day
If you do not already fast during Ramadan, why don’t you try and fast for one day so that you can see what your Muslim neighbours, friends or work colleagues do during Ramadan and how it feels. This can help you understand and empathise more with people who are fasting.

Ramadan starts on 10th July 2013 in the UAE.

Ramadan Kareem!

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  1. freespirits says:

    Great article!! Read this article about how to stay healthy in Ramadan http://freespirits.me/2013/07/09/how-to-stay-healthy-in-ramadan/ Ramadan Kareem 🙂

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