Summer Shopping Special!

“I don’t have anything to wear!!” We are all guilty of splurting out this sentence at some point in our lives while staring at a piling out cupboard. And let’s face it: we all have those sections of our wardrobe’s, which barely go untouched. Whether it’s that pair of jeans you’ve owned since you were 21 and no longer fit into but always hang onto in the case the day comes that you will; or that shirt you thought looked fab in the shop but changed your mind the moment you got home and still hangs there with the tag on; or that dress that was so ridiculously cheap on sale it had to be purchased but actually wasn’t really your thing after all… At the end of the day we all find ourselves with clothes we never or barely wear, which will forever lie in the corner collecting dust.


Time to do something useful with them! “My Ex Wardrobe” is holding a Summer Shopping Special at Rivington Grill this evening from 7:30pm – 10:30pm where you can bring all your unwanted and unused clothes to, to be given to a trusted charity during Ramadan.

Pay them a visit and enjoy yummy complimentary nibbles, receive free pampering and enter exciting competitions! The first 50 ladies to make a purchase also take home an exclusive My Ex Wardrobe gift bag!

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