DJ Yella (N.W.A.) – Interview

With the continuation of our fresh monthly series of classic Hip Hop nights, BOOMBOX brings you DJ Yella (N.W.A.) to open the new season with a BOOM!!

As the date is drawing nearer, we thought it was time to sit with the man himself for a little chat before his arrival to Dubai.

For those that don’t know DJ Yella; who are you? A laid back guy that loves music, works hard and loves to DJ.

DJ Yella - Pic

How do you see the current state of Hip Hop? Music has changed since the N.W.A days. I think its more versatile and to me their is more competition than it use to be. Hip hop today isn’t hip hop as we knew it back in the day.

Is there anyone in the scene you like/dislike? I don’t have any favorite groups or artist but I still like the old school West coast sound like my buddies Dr Dre and Cube and also Snoop. An artist today I like to listen to is Kendrick Lamar.

 Do you still hang out with Ren, Cube or Dre? Yea. Dre and Cube.

What’s happened to Ruthless and Jerry Heller? Ruthless is still around. They have a part in the 25th Anniversary of Eazy E’s album “Eazy Duz It” and taking part in the N.W.A movie titled STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON. And as for Jerry I have no idea.

We know you are also a producer; are you planning on producing any new projects? Anything we should look out for? Yes. Got some stuff in the works.

Name 3 things that you expect to see in Dubai… To tell you the truth I expect to see it all. Nightlife, Ferrari police cars, the beautiful city in general.


Catch DJ Yella (N.W.A.) LIVE in Dubai at The Music Room on August 23rd.

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