Our Embarrassing ‘Celebrity’ Moments!

Many people dream of becoming FAMOUS! But one of the positive aspects of being a ‘nobody’ is that you can mess up and no one (or barely anyone) will ever notice… This is not so much the case with anyone who takes even the slightest step into the limelight! The smallest screw-up from a celebrity gets plastered across magazines and goes viral over the Internet.

Although perhaps not ‘famous’, we gathered some stories from the Talent we have here internally at OHM and asked them their most embarrassing or screwed up moments in their musical careers…

Adam – DJ (Warped)

That has to be Warped’s birthday 2 years ago at Catwalk. As normal, we do all the set up before the nights starts. So it’s Dan and me playing on two laptops, and we decided to use these two switchboards on either side to just swap computers, as we were using only two cd players for both the computers. The process was quite simple, every time I play I just had to move the switch to A and when Dan plays he had to switch to B. Simple yeah? That’s what we thought till we started drinking. Long story short; I had too much to drink, got onto the decks and forgot about these switches. Didn’t know why I wasn’t getting audio and stripped all the wires thinking they were faulty. Music stopped then I decided that it must be some major problem, so started playing CD’s. Of course the next day when I woke up it came to me whey there was no audio… Very embarrassing to say the least!

Marci – Vocalist (Retired/Currently bathroom singer)

Yea that’s gonna have to be every single time my mother decided to approach the bar bands wherever we went while I was in the bathroom to inform them of her daughter’s ‘talent’. I’d come back from the bathroom and suddenly have my name called out to come onto the stage and sing the songs my mother had requested in front of a full house. Oh did I mention I have extreme stage fright?

Josh – Drummer (Empty Yard Experiment)

It was either the time when I completely forgot how one of our songs went as we were on stage and I blamed it on the monitors (video evidence) or the time I tried to throw a drumstick into the crowd while playing and realizing later on that the thing that hit me in the face a couple of seconds after I did that was the same stick that bounced off the ceiling.

ramzy sparta

Ramzy – DJ

(see photo to go with description) My embarrassing DJ moment is when I was going to war with Sparta, I was spotted with a vinyl record dangling just above my armor, a lot of rumors back then were rendered saying that I’m a fake emperor and so!

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