What is Left of Paper in the Art World

In today’s world when writing can be done on a keyboard and sketches made onscreen, paper can seem like an odd survival from an earlier age. The permanence of a mark of ink on paper sheet, which can only be written on once, seems to contradict the perceived fragility of the medium. Yet the very traits … Continue reading

Champ Of The Camp

  Article Via The National  Written by Hugo Berger Construction workers are an ever-present part of the landscape of the UAE. Most days we see them toiling on building sites, we overtake their buses on the motorway, or wander past them in parks. But while we may share the same physical space, it’s an uncomfortable truth … Continue reading

20 Seconds; Art For Water. A Charity Event

SURGE is a non profit organization that improves access to clean, safe water for life. Having created awareness across the globe Surge embarks on the UAE with a series of events to spread awareness across the city. Every 20 seconds a child dies as a result of water-borne diseases; most of these victims are  less than 5 … Continue reading

The Little Black Jacket

        The exhibition featuring Karl Lagerfeld’s photographs of celebrities and various personalities wearing the Chanel jacket is coming to Dubai starting April 27th. You can watch the very sexy and uber cool video here to find out more…

Pop Up To The Shops; B51 Is Underground Cool

B51POP-UP is a series of underground POP-UP fashion shops which take place in various quirky off the beaten track locations in Dubai and offer the city an alternative kind of luxury! B51, is born out of the cloak of Ashto Trading, one of Egypt’s fashion moguls, a successful family business that’s been growing since 1990. … Continue reading

Al Quoz. The Graffiti Front Line

It is best known as a maze of factories, warehouses and labour camps, but the dusty streets of Al Quoz could soon undergo a facelift thanks to a group of street artists. A proposal to decorate the grim, bare facades of the industrial area with colourful graffiti is being drawn up and will be submitted … Continue reading

Out Of The Box Film Screenings At The Jamjar

In collaboration with Outbox International Film Festival and Cinephilia Productions, Jamjar our arty Chill Out Fest friends bring you a selection of contemporary experimental films from a global arena. From Poland to South Africa, filmmakers are continuously being inspired beyond boundaries through their lens.Presented is a looped screening of 10 selected short films from around … Continue reading